Agile Sourcing

There is (again) a lot of discussion about agile sourcing and his to implement this into your organization. The question for me remains whether this is just riding the agile hype or a useful change. In my opinion there is no black and white in that discussion and many positive things of an agile approach could be adapted for your own sourcing processes. Shouldn’t you always learn and enhance from the best? Whether this can then be called agile is a different story.

Here are three interesting reads about agile sourcing:

How to develop a sourcing strategy

The article describes in 6 easy steps how to create you own sourcing strategy.

The basic steps are:

  1. Enumerate the “things” you need to source (functions, services, resources, capabilities, etc.).
  2. Document your current sourcing model.
  3. Determine your desired sourcing model.
  4. Use the information gathered in steps 2 and 3 to visualize how well your current sourcing model matches your desired sourcing model.
  5. Determine what to do about the “deltas” that you discovered in step 4.
  6. Develop an execution plan for doing it.

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Vendor Management – tips how to succeed

Vendor management is not a science, but a straightforward approach that could be applied by literally any company. Unfortunately, nowadays most companies are driven by a short-term, you may also call it short-sighted, mainly cost-driven approach. This works for non-strategic products and services, for which you easily could swap suppliers.

Any service, product or good that is strategic for your company requires a different approach how to deal with your suppliers. Have a look at those 8 tips for a successful vendor management.