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We support you to…

  • define the right business and product strategy for your success
  • set up internal and external innovation
  • optimize your development processes
  • succeed in digital transformation
  • implement the right sourcing strategy
  • create the right go-to-market strategy (with our partners)
  • execute reviews and audits
  • assess possible M&A candidate
  • find the right software development partners
  • access the Middle Eastern market

About us

planet IT has more than 25 years experience in IT: from business strategy,  IT architecture, software development lifecycle, innovation and partner management along the supply chain across different industries such as telecoms, life science or automotive.


Agile Sourcing

There is (again) a lot of discussion about agile sourcing and his to implement this into your organization. The question for me remains whether this is just riding the agile hype or a useful change. In my opinion there is no black and white in that discussion and many positive things of an agile approach …


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